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MGSD Centre Services

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The South East Gender Initiative (SEGI) project Medway Gender & Sexual Diversity Centre (MGSDC) provides a place where LGBTQI+ people their families and friends can meet in a safe environment to enable them to receive peer support, education, training, advice, and information, signposting opportunities for service users to access services with partnership organisations and other service providers.

SEGI / MGSDC also provides a resource to other organisations, public bodies and private companies to enable them to understand the needs of the
Transgender / Non-binary & Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual community in Medway, Kent and the South East of England.

MGSD Centre & SEGI Services

See MGSD Centre social network pages for information about the projects we run and news/campaign’s for the LGBTQIA+ community

These project are managed by SEGI – South East Gender Initiative

MGSD Centre main Public Facebook page:  

South East Gender Initiative main Public Page: 

MGSD Centre has its own building in Rochester, where it delivers its groups & counselling service. 


MGSD have no area boundaries for service users, We work across Medway & Kent, we also have a project to link up with other groups and have had virtual group meetings with groups in Brighton & Wales. We are also in discussions with Mermaids and groups in Yorkshire.

MGSD Centre Trans & Non-binary Health Care Advisory Group:   Private (Visible Group)

This is the place where members of the Trans & Non-binary community can discusses the work of the Kent Community Health Trust Trans and Non-binary Health ‘Working / Advisory Group’ and wider health issues.

MGSD Centre Trans & Non-binary Inclusion in Educational Settings Group: Private (Visible Group)

This is a new group looking to provide information, advice, voices of lived experiance for those developing inclusive policies for Trans & Non-binary people in educational settings. We will be holding meetings to discuss how we can help produce and inform policy advice though, evidence of experiance stories, both acredited and anonymised. If you wish to help by providing your stories please contact or if you wish you can post them on this group. This is a private group so only members can see who are members and what is posted here.

SEGI Parent & Carers Group:  –  Private (Visible Group)

This is a new group page, they also have a WhatsApp group and options for Zoom. Currently meet on Thursday evenings but use the social and messaging groups for support advice in between meetings. Need to give permission to share phone number to use WhatsApp

SEGI Young Person Trans & Non-binary Drop-in. Private (Visible Group)

For under 25yrs, no lower age limit set but mainly used by mid-teens to early 20’s – Meets every Wednesday on Zoom from 7pm to 9pm Also uses a WhatsApp group for members who have been to the face to face meetings. Need to give permission to share phone number to use WhatsApp

SEGI Trans & Non-binary Adult Drop-in Private (Visible Group)

Group for over 18Year olds, Meets on Zoom Thursdays from 7pm to 9pm. Also meets on WhatsApp, used in the main by older members over 30year Olds but with some crossover for the young person group. Need to give permission to share phone number to use WhatsApp

SEGI Partners Group Private (Visible Group)

SEGI Partners Group is a network for Partners of Trans & Non-binary people. It is a place to meet chat and support other partners and their families

Other New groups for Isolated or Older Lesbian, Gay Women, Gay Men, Bisexual & Pansexual community

These new groups currently meet monthly and are in the process of building membership, we want the members to direct the groups activities to support each other

MGSD Centre – Gay Mens Group – Private (Visible Group)  – Can also meet socially on Zoom

MGSD Centre – Bi & Pan Group – Private (Visible Group) – Meets socially on Zoom

MGSD Centre – Lesbian Group – Private (Visible Group) – Meets socially on Zoom

LGBTQIA+ Counselling Service  

This service is provided by Kim Ricketts of Topaz Counselling. Kim has provided the counselling service for MGSD Centre since 2012.      

Phone 07738 308484 or email

Other Community pages

Medway Pride –

Medway Pride Page

Medway Pride Group

Medway Pride Radio

Medway Pride Radio Social Page

New Services for 2020

MGSD Centre with support from the Test Bed Fund are starting three new befriending & support services for Lesbian, Bi/Panseuxal & Isolated Gay Men. We will be advertising meetings during Gravesham & Medway Pride.

If you are intrested in any of these new groups please contact us at