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Gender Identity

Our sense of gender identity is innate and is personal to each  individual. When you think about your own gender identity you will realise that it is a core part of your sense of being. No one had to tell you who or what you are, you just instinctively knew.

The majority of us have a gender identity that matches the sex we were assigned at birth and they are referred to as Cisgender. Approximately 1% of the population have a gender identity that does not match the sex assigned at birth. These people are referred to as Trans or Transgender, but what does that mean?

It can mean many different gender identities from Binary to

Non-binary. What is binary and non-binary gender?


When talking about binary gender we are talking about Men and Women. This includes Cisgender people and Transgender people who define their gender as

Men, Trans Men, Female to Male Transsexuals or

Women, Trans Women, Male to Female Transsexuals.

When talking about Non-binary we are talking about many  gender identities that do not align with Men or Women, but may be a mix of feminine / masculine or outside those boundaries.

Non-binary identities include Genderqueer, Gender Fluid, Agender, Gender Neutral.

Language is developing all the time to describe Non-binary Identities, check out the Internet