Medway Pride, MGSD Centre, 331 High Street Rochester Medway ME1 1DA 01634 408668

Virtual Medway Pride 2020


Join VMPride2020 wherever you are during August 2020

We want to replace the loss of Medway Pride 2020 by creating a Virtual Medway Pride Event delivered via the internet. We are looking for contributions from creative performers, artists, poets, etc to create virtual artifacts to download, on demand video or live stream video. The artifacts can be on any platform like YouTube, Vimeo, facebook, as long as we can link to the source we can include your item in our schedule. Live stream events can also be scheduled via our #VMPride2020 online program pages. Other items can be hosted on our servers or we can link to your source location. We are open to any ideas that can contribute to Virtual Medway Pride 2020.

Our immediate thoughts go to performance on video, both recorded and live stream, that can be programmed and streamed online, but we also want to look at wider engagement including but not limited to:

  • Performances, Plays, monologues, Comedy, Dance
  • Music, all styles of music performance including Bands, Groups, Solo artists, DJ Sets.  
  • Poetry, Performance and Creative Writing  / Publication Online
  • Photography and film
  • Art, Creative art works on video, online gallerys
  • Collaborative artwork, collages on video, online gallerys
  • Craft work Creating artifacts on video, online gallerys 

Any physical works could be included in our planed 2021 LGBTQI+ History Month Exhibition at Nucleus Arts Chatham Gallery next February.

We are open to any and all suggestion that we can look at to deliver Virtual Medway Pride during August 2020, Including workshops, quizes, games etc as well as performances


How can we help?

We are calling on all performers and creative artists and all those wanting to take part in, or contribute to #VMPride2020 to contact us on or use the contact form

Medway Pride 2020 will need your help and support to deliver the festival. Keep an eye on our web and social media pages where we will be posting further information advising how.

You can help us now by spreading the word about #VMPride2020
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